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Winter is here! Be prepared for harsh weather this year. Already much of the country is going through some cold storms. Make sure your battery is fully charged, your wipers are in good condition and your tires are ready for that winter storm. 

Most new parts stores offer 1-3 year warranty on your batteries, depending on which model or brand you purchase. They also offer free installation and alternator testing when you purchase your battery with them. 

If you’re low on cash and want to save, some salvage yards will sell you batteries off used cars which might still be in good condition and have a long life left ahead of them. When we buy salvage cars, the first thing we do is remove that battery and test it. If the battery is still usable holds charge, we offer it to our customers looking for a deal. Usually new batteries at Walmart go for $80+. At our yard, you can find that same battery for $25. That’s huge savings on used batteries that came off a car that was driving. 

Next time you go by your local salvage yard, ask if they sell used batteries and ask them to test it. If they don’t have a tester, you can buy on on amazon or eBay for $19. Its always a handy tool to have in your garage. 

Salvage yards are always looking to make a buck or too off parts they would normally sell as scrap! It’s a win/win for the salvage yard as well as the customer. 

Just as important is a healthy tread on your tires, especially in winter. Power is nothing without control. It doesn’t matter how many HP your Mustang GT has, or how much torque you get from your 2017 Camaro. If you don’t have grip, you won’t get anywhere, or more importantly, control that beast under the hood. 

According to the specialists at, your best-treaded tires need to go on the rear wheels, regardless of whether its AWD, FWD or RWD. 

They also recommend you rotate your tires in order for them to last longer. Make sure whoever rotates your tires puts them in the right place of the car. Some cars have staggered wheels so putting the rear on the front is impossible. 

If you are strapped for cash, some local salvage yards sell used tires. 

We offer Free tires when you purchase the rim. In other words, buy a steel or alloy wheel from Minton Parts and get a free tire! In some cases, the tires themselves are worth more then the rim itself. I can think of once case in particular when we bought a set of Mini Cooper wheels for a customer and they came with run flat tires installed. An even better bonus, they came with the TPMS sensor! 

In South Florida, tons of yards sell used tires. Don’t forget to ask your local junk yard salesman for the tire next time you buy a wheel!

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Winter is here! Be prepared for harsh weather this year. Already much of the country is going through some cold storms. Make sure your battery

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